Ultrasound is used widely in Physiotherapy treatment to speed the rate of healing & enhance the quality of the repair and to reduce pain.

The frequency of the sound wave is 1-3 million pulses per second. This creates a vibration and micro streaming within the tissue which facilitates circulation and aids the healing sequence.

Ultrasound can facilitate healing through the various stages of healing : Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodelling.
During  inflammatory phase
Ultrasound has a stimulating effect on the mast cells, platelets, white cells with phagocytic roles. 
proliferative phase (scar production) 

Ultrasound has an optimizing effect on the fibroblasts, endothelial cells and myofibroblasts. 

These are all cells that are normally active during scar production.

 Ultrasound facilitates the production of the required scar tissue by increasing the protein and collagen synthesis. 

During re-modelling
therapeutic ultrasound stimulates the re-modelling of scar tissue. 

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