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Why choose Bayview Physiotherapy?

Dag Ronhovde is an Registered physiotherapists with 26 years experience, trained in Aberdeen Scotland and a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. He has a variety of specific skills to help maximize your recovery. By offering a range of diversified treatment options and hands on individual care, he ensure that his clients get moving faster. 

Dag uses a blend of Manual Therapy in conjunction with a strengthening exercise regimen, and balance training that delivers better results than typical conventional physiotherapy programs. 
We prides ourselves in developing validated/proven treatment protocols that will provide the best value for each and every visit. We put the puzzle together for solving your chronic lower back pain. We can manage your lower back pain by addressing all the modifiable risk factors and restoring your function, so you can enjoy your active lifestyle pain-free.

Bayview Rehab News

By Dag Ronhovde 19 Jul, 2016
We now offer custom-milled orthotic flip-flops at Bayview Physio. 
 Traditional flip-flop styling but with support and stability like the amazing support our custom orthotics provide. We use a digital model of your foot to create a truly custom flip-flop milled to the shape of your foot.
By Dag Ronhovde 17 Sep, 2015
           S o many people complain about back pain these days and despite our technological advances the cure for this common problem seem to be hard to find. There are so many ideas out there on what is the best solution to back pain. Unfortunately most people expect a quick fix from one intervention only.

The problem is so complex and  it often takes more than one approach to reach a successful outcome. I believe in using a systematic approach which will create a more long lasting result.

 Most people I see have already suffered with pain for a while before they finally seek professional help and in the acute state it can be difficult to establish all the factors the client is seeking help for.

I believe a thorough examination can reveal a lot about the problem and gives me the tools to formulate a hypothesis as to what the problem may be.

I find that it is important to correct any alignment problems first to allow the healing to take place before starting a more specific muscle re-education program.

 If the joints have been out of alignment for a while it stands to reason that the client will feel sore and tender even after a great adjustment.

I compare it to having a stone in your shoe, as long as the stone is there it will grind and press on sensitive tissue structures and even with the stone gone there will be a bruised and sore area where the stone once were.

The next step after alignment is to create awareness of the importance of activating their muscles in the correct sequence.
" Timing of Activation and Quality of Contraction" ( Mark Comerford ) I always teach and illustrate the importance of Glut Muscles activation in standing and walking as this is the foundation to a stable pelvis which in turn aid the proper movement patterns in the lower spine.

 I also advice the client on how to sit properly while avoiding pressure on the tailbone with slump sitting as it can affect the Sacrum alignment between the Pelvis bones and will influence the hinge between L5/S1 joint.  With the lack of proper Sacral Motion the Lower Lumbar Spine is unable to move freely  and is more prone to pinching at the L5/S1 interface.

If you wonder if your alignment is out and you have a lack of proper muscle activation please feel free to contact us 250-390-2003 and ask for an appointment with Dag Ronhovde Physiotherapist .
By Dag Ronhovde 08 Sep, 2015
Any business will tell you that getting feedback in the form of reviews are an excellent way to attract new customers as most people value their friends opinions. If a business have 4 or 5 star reviews and the competition has less the one with the best reviews will win.To get people to leave a positive review is often difficult unless you make it easy for the customer and explain to them how valuable their opinion is.
I have added a new software which makes it very easy to obtain reviews and makes it fun to do so. Please check out my review site and remember to leave a review following the link on Home page
By Dag Ronhovde 26 Jul, 2015
Amazing new Technology now included in this New Custom Orthotics called "EXPEDITION"  from Footmaxx which helps with shock absorption and kill the bacteria that causes smelly feet. Great for anyone working on their feet all day in an environment with very hard surfaces. By minimizing the shock we are exposed to everyday we can prevent excessive wear and tear on our joints which  can help us prolong the lifespan of our joints and make life more "cushy" 

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