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Dag Ronhovde

Dag Ronhovde Physiotherapist

Dag Ronhovde was born in Bergen, Norway. He studied Physiotherapy in Aberdeen, Scotland, graduated in 1990.  After qualifying he became a full practicing member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 
He has acquired extensive expertise in sports injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation as well as manual therapy of the spine and extremities using various manual techniques.

Dag has a special interest in the use of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), which is a gentler form of manual therapy to perform adjustments. He is trained in the Australian Dynamic Stability & Muscle Balance Exercise approach and he uses "electrotherapy" modalities as a part of his rehabilitation strategy.

He also has extensive experience with sports related injuries and rehabilitation following strains, sprains, contusions, tears and/or fractures.


Team Physiotherapist for Junior female Land Hockey team Scotland 1997-1998. Also assisted with Physiotherapy for Dundee United 1st Division Soccer Team 1996-1997. 
Worked as Head Physiotherapist for VI Raiders & Timber-men Lacrosse 2008-2009.

As a physiotherapist Dag is specially trained to provide expert advice and education for a variety of muscular and joint problems. He has developed specific exercises to help reduce pain, improve strength and endurance, returning you to full function and sporting ability.

Dag has 28 years of experience in manual therapy and has over the years developed his own unique style of manual therapy adjustments. The system of manual therapy has been inspired by the best Physiotherapy and Osteopathic practitioners from all over the world. He believes in a gentle yet powerful application of force (vectors) to re-align the joints of the spine & any of the peripheral joints as well.

Please call 250-390-2003 to book an appointment, or feel free to simply drop by and see Dag’s new location. We look forward to both hearing from you and seeing you.
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